Share files using OneDrive

Videos and large files are shared/submitted using OneDrive - Villanova College.

1. Open your browser and go to Click the Sign in button. Enter your school email address and password.


2. Click on the OneDrive tile.

(If this is the first time you have used OneDrive you will see this message. Click the "Your OneDrive is ready" link to continue.)

3. Create a folder for these types of files. Click + New > Folder.

4. Enter this name: 2020 Shared and click Create.

5. Open the 2020 Shared folder. Click on its name.

6. Now drag and drop the video file onto the folder space.

To check the progress of your upload watch the status panel. Expect the upload to take a while, especially if you are doing this from home.

7. When finished uploading, the file will appear in the folder. Hover over the name with your mouse and click the Share arrow.

8. Type your teacher's full name and click on the match. (Add you Curriculum Area Leader if this is an assessment.)

9. Click Send and you are done!

Your teacher/s will receive a link via email.

Last modified: Monday, 10 August 2020, 10:39 AM